Friday, October 13, 2006

Seventh book... going to be published next year. And oh, have I mentioned that my sixth book will be printed early next year? I think I have. But I wouldn't know, can't really trust my memory these days.

Am finishing and polishing the eighth book *winking at Jen*.

Am translating/copywriting a project.

Am translating a book.

Am reading a manuscript (the writer kindly asked me to write a blurb for him).

Am working on other projects--randomly.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a candle that burns on both ends...


Asty said...

Mba Donna, oouwh dirimu begitu cepat sekali bernajak dari satu tapak ke tapak berikutnya :) ngiriiiii...

Anonymous said...

good luck sis ;)

Fleurs said...


kehidupan itu memang seru sekali ya? begitu banyaaakkk yang harus dan bisa kita kerjakan!!

Freudian Slip said...

Wow, I get stressed out just reading your post. You sure have a lot going on! Remember to breathe! and keep the good stuff coming :)

Primadonna Angela said...

thanks asty, ayu, angie. :)

thanks matt, i'll keep that in mind! ^_^

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