Monday, October 16, 2006

Delusional Buddy

I met an old friend several days ago. I believe he's going crazy.


It's like, he kept saying how important he was to the society, how much he contributed by helping his friends and people in need. He told me proudly that his friends even considered him as a "demigod", a benevolent savior, someone worthy of respect and adoration. He said he treated them more or less like his subjects, giving attention, spreading love, citing kind words to support them.

When I pointed out to him that as a human being we should be humble, he said, "Only commoners should be humble, for they have no extra quality that defines them as superbeings. Me, I'm above all that. You want proof? Call my friends, here are their numbers. They think I'm so wonderful. They all worship me."

"I suppose it might be true, but don't you think it's unhealthy?" I timidly asked.

"Why should it be unhealthy? They need someone they can trust, someone that will help them when they're in need. They more or less revolve around me, you know."

"You're not the sun, dear. Nor a god," I shook my head.

"But I am one. At least in their eyes."

We chatted for a while, all about himself and his achievement.

I was deeply shaken. I still am. I mean, I know I'm an arrogant person. At least, I can be one. But I still retain my humility, for I believe humility is what makes me humane and sane.

I fear my friend is crossing the border. My feeling told me he's delusional, wishing to escape from his dreary life.

I symphatize with him. But there's nothing I can do.


vonEbenhaum said...

Ho ho ho!

Fear not, m'dear, for I forgive your inability to truly grasp my absolute prominence~!

And I shall continue to spread the love and the kindness to support you and your kin alike.

Therefore, allow me to start the sacred dance~ using a holy straw skirt!

Fear me and my little pokemon friends!

Primadonna Angela said...

hail von Ebenhaum! :D

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