Friday, October 27, 2006

Thank You...

...for all the wonderful SMS's during Eid. Sorry I couldn't reply most of them. My cell phone has some kind of problem, so I used my old one. Some of the key pads are jammed so I find it really difficult to type. And when I decided to type something, an error occured!

Oh well. I'll try to fix the cell phone first, if it's still not working, maybe it's the time to buy a new one. :(


Asty said...

haha bener tuh mba, mungkin minta diganti. btw, minal aaidiin wal faiziin mohom maaf lahir bathin ya mba

tukang nggedeblues said...

minal aidin wal faizin. selamat idul fitri. mohon dimaafkan atas segala salah dan khilaf.

salam buat sipiderman ya ... hehehehehehe

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