Saturday, December 30, 2006

If Necessity is the Mother of Invention...

...then the Father must be Laziness.

My partner and I recently purchased a set of magnetic dart board. We put the board in front of our bed and started to play with it.

Then we stumbled into one profound fact: fetching the darts is a tiring work!

So my partner tied a yarn on the each dart. That way, after we hit the target, we could leisurely pull the darts back! It's fun, throwing the darts while you're in resting/sleeping position.

After a while we got tired of collecting points from the board. We started a game of our own called "fishing for darts".

Here's how it works... you throw a dart and then try to stick other magnetic dart(s) into your dart. I won, naturally. My record: four darts in one go! My partner's? Only two! HAHAHA!

Of course, when it comes to collecting points, he usually wins. But hey, you can't win everything!

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