Sunday, December 10, 2006

Meet & Greet the Writers of Blogfam, 9 Dec 2006

Iya called at 8.30 AM, telling me that she already had arrived at Commonroom. "Nobody's here yet. Bram will be over in about five minutes." At that time, yours truly, Nana, Dahlia were still clad in our pyjamas, eating breakfast.

We decided to hurry. And arrived about 30 minutes after ten. Ha! It was still fairly empty, though. isman, my youngest bro, and yours truly busied ourselves with our stand. The first customer was Iya (another merchant! Haha!).

The dynamic duo (read: Nana & Mas Iwok) opened the event at about one o'clock. isman officially "opened" the event (Mas Amril was having lunch that time). Mas Benny became the first writer/editor to share his experience to the audience. Then it was my turn. Then Mas Amril & isman talked about... well, many things, actually! From writing to generating ideas.

After this I have to admit that I didn't really follow the event! I was busy tending the stand, nyehehe. I can say from bits and pieces I heard, the event went well. The audience was responsive (well, we did give away several cool doorprizes to whet their appetite... ^_^) and the atmosphere was warm and friendly (though it rained).

The event ended at about six pm. We then hurried to blow the candle on the cake (thanks for the wonderful cake, Itha!) Nana, Dahlia, Iya, Bram, iwok, Ryu (did I miss anyone?) decided to have dinner together then indulge themselves in a karaoke session. :) isman and I? We went home. It was pouring and we got all wet and cold. When we arrived home, we realized that we got an umbrella as a doorprize (thanks to Mbak Indah Juli!). If only we knew!

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Anonymous said...

Donna! Isman!!!!

thank you banget Ya.
udah sellau bantuin dan dibikin repot sama acara2 blogfam. walau hamil gede, tetep saja lincah.

denger kau bawa risoles dan gado-gado, langsung deh kebayang enaknyaaaa.

taun depan ada kayak ginian gak ya?

aku mau dateng!!! harus...


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