Monday, December 11, 2006

Flash! Flash! Flash! Kumpulan Cerita Sekilas

Yesterday this anthology was launched in Bandung! Fresh from the oven... err, publisher! :) I contributed a flash fiction in this book. Anybody interested in buying this book? It's only IDR 20.000!

Another anthology (containing short stories and flash fiction) was also launched. It's called "Biarkan Aku Mencintaimu Dalam Sunyi". The price is the same with FFF.

So, minna-san, especially if you're a Blogfammer, please buy this book to support Blogfam! :)


Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaah, thanks again don, udah mejeng disini buku2 blogfam.

laris manissss!!!


gre said...

mau saya tandatangani ndak?


itha said...

ayoo beli bukunya.
cerita2nya asik2 looh.

eh Don .. dirimu hamil tambah sexy deehh. ;)

CacingKepanasan said...

Wah, patut dilihat nih :D

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