Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cut it OUT!

This morning, after having my early breakfast, my phone beeped. An SMS. In English, the message is, more or less:

"Hi Dona, remember me? I miss you! Please reply!"

I did not recognize the number. I arched one eyebrow then replied. "Who is this?"

Within seconds the phone beeped again. "I'm your friend in junior high! If you want to know who I am, just call me!"

I scowled. I narrowed my eyes and decided to ignore the SMS. Several minutes later whatzisname SMSed again. I did nothing about it.

I didn't think (s)he was a good friend of mine. First, (s)he misspelled my name. I really, definitely, extremely hate that. Second... Well! If (s)he really was a friend, she'd know how I hate stuff like this! I wasn't playful then, what makes (s)he think that I'm willing to play silly, childish guessing game like this?

So, whoever if you are, if you read this, cut it out, will you? I have better stuff to do than playing your juvenile game.

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