Saturday, April 28, 2007

M Accesorized Me!

Haven't had the time to take new pictures (am in a hurry to finish a TeenLit because I want to move on ASAP to another project) so I just put a picture of me wearing a set of jewelry that I really, really love here. This picture is edited by M. (I'll take more pictures as soon as this project is finished!)

This beautiful lady and I "met" a couple of weeks ago through the net. I stumbled into her page. I love reading her blog. The lay out is clean and simple. She seems to lead a happy, wonderful life. She seems to be a down to earth person. I'd love to meet her someday.

When she found out about my love for jewelry, she offered to make me a set. I am so moved and touched. I got the accessories last week. I love them so much that one night I forgot to take them off when I slept.

These are the earrings and necklace that she made for me. (I took the picture from her blog) Aren't they lovely?

Thank you SO much, M. You really brightened my day. The accessories boost my energy to continue writing!

Now, back to my manuscript...


PrettyInTheCIty said...

akhirnya... bisa juga ninggalin comment.

Kompi ku agak berat kalo ke blogger, ga tau knapa.

Thank ya kak donna...

Cepat selesai ya teenlit nya. Biar ada di toko buku ;p


Primadonna Angela said...

amiin, m. ini juga lagi dalam proses, semoga cepat selesai.

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