Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogfammers in Action!

My little family (save for Chika) went to Ciwalk this morning-afternoon. We made a date to meet Mbak Indah Juli and her family, and other Blogfammers. At first we decided to meet in Gunung Agung, then we went to a Japanese restaurant. We talked and laughed a lot. Unfortunately Aza was rather shy in meeting Blogfammers. He refused to play with Lily and Kayla, a pity! But he did ask Aunt Pritha to accompany him to the pet shop, tee hee.

In the picture you can't see isman, for an obvious reason. Back row: left to right: Ippen, Dhika, Ibnu. Middle row, left to right: Dina, Pritha, Mbak Indah, yours truly, Mety (hope I spell your name correctly!), Bram. Front row: Lily, Kayla, Aza. For more pictures, click here.

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