Friday, May 18, 2007

Loving and Being Loved

Aside from my partner, my angelic twin bro's the one I trust most. He has a special place in my heart. He is always around when I am in need, for I know, even though he is far away, he can sense what I'm feeling and thinking.

He's always been so kind to my partner and yours truly. Sometimes I feel I don't deserve such kindness and love. My partner said that when it came to love, logic didn't matter. I know that perfectly, yet, at times, I find it hard to believe.

After my little chat with Andi yesterday, I felt awed by his generosity. Suffice to say, it makes me feel weepy and touched.

He loves me. I can feel it. I know, yet this time I am reminded again with his deep capacity to love.

My partner also loves me, more than I can probably guess. He lets me know this in his subtle, humorous ways. (We're hopelessly unromantic, haha.)

My children, too. My parents. My brothers. My good friends.

What have I done to deserve so much love? I know not. I just know, loving thoughts from the others fuel me to love even more.

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