Friday, May 04, 2007

Daily Conversation

(Translated from Indonesian to English)
Me: Za, what do you want for your birthday? Do you want a party?
Aza: No.
Me: Really? You usually love parties! We will buy you a chocolate cake. Then you can blow the candles. We'll also decorate the house with balloons. You want that, right?
Aza: No, Mami, I don't want that.
Me: OK, so what do you want as a gift for your birthday?
Aza: I want to do some sightseeing, Mami. I want to go to Lembang.
Me: (smiling) All right, if that's what you want. We'll get you another present. How about a toy car? A red one?
Aza: Nno... em, yes, Mami! I want a car!

1 comment:

PrettyInTheCity said...

Hi kak donna...

How cute is he. He is precious, isn't he?

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