Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh, Dizzy Day!

Felt extremely dizzy all day. Dizziness dissipated after isman came home. Or maybe it had something to do with analgesic balm that he rubbed into my aching neck, back and legs. Somewhere, somebody wished me ill. I can feel it. Normally that won't really affect me, but I guess I was that tired and unguarded.

I feel much better now. Wearing my new costume jewelry--earrings and a cute ring. I wish the ring was made of white gold/platinum and diamond/mossanite, but since one would cost a lot, I'm pretty content with my stainless steel & glass jewelry.

Basically, that's how I live my life. Sometimes I wish for bigger, grander things. Yet if I can't have them, it's okay. I love my current life and what I have now, anyway.

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