Friday, June 01, 2007

I Love Books...

...but that's hardly a secret. I have loved books since as far as I could remember. My parents really spoiled this interest of mine. Oh sure, if I asked for branded items most of the time they'd say no. But when it came to books, most of the time they bought them for me. I remember, my father even bought me a Tarot deck many, many years ago. I asked for it, and he didn't reprimand me or anything. I told this to an acquaintance, and she told me Tarot decks were instruments of evil, and that my parents must be very ignorant for letting me dabble in Satanic stuff. I just laughed.

Since I'm lucky enough to have a partner who also loves books, we hope, one day, Aza and Chika will enjoy reading as well. In the mean time, we continue to buy children books. Aza can't read yet, and I don't want to force him. My parents told me I could read when I was about three or four, but I believe every child is unique. I detest parents who told me I should teach Aza to read now, or he'd be left behind in kindergarten. I loathe parents who compare their children's intellects with mine. They often put a haughty expression, saying, "You should teach your son to read and count. You must be lazy! My kid can read and she's about your son's age!"

I will teach him, but only when Aza seems to be ready for that. And of course, I won't listen to silly suggestions put by others who believe that the earlier you can read, the more successful you'll be in later years.

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PrettyInTheCity said...

Hi kak donna...

Orang tuaku tidak ada yang meenyarankan baca buku. Tapi nggak tau knapa aku suka buku dari kecil.

Favoritku dulu enid blyton, stop, cerita detektif lainnya.

Kadang memang nggak tega kalo anak kecil diminta belajar ;p wajar..

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