Saturday, June 02, 2007

When I Write...

...I have to be able to face distractions. Chika demanding to be fed, Aza whining to be accompanied. Changing Chika's diaper or feeding Aza. Not to mention occasional phone calls and other disturbances.

That is why I feel annoyed when people continuously ask me for tips on writing. I feel like shouting, just do it! No more procrastinating. Discipline yourself. Then the people who ask would say, ah but I don't have enough time for that...

Classic. I mean, who has time to spare these days? We are all busy.

Me included. But I make an effort to write. I harbor the intention deep inside, unleashing it when I have the chance. I keep ideas and plots floating around me until I have the time to write them down.

If I, a regular homemaker with two kids, can find some time to write, of course you're also able to do it!

Another popular question would be, how can I create an interesting story like you do? First, thanks for considering my stories interesting. Second, I really have no idea. I guess when you read and practice a lot, the plots will flow easily, just like that.

People often ask about writer's block. I used to believe of its existence. Now, to me, it's just a myth. If you believe it will happen to you, then it will. If you think ideas are everywhere, waiting to be recognized, then you will find it hard to stop writing. Yet, at times, you feel tired and weary of writing. If you find it difficult to concentrate, maybe it's time for you to take a break. Go outside. Grab a cup of coffee. Munch your favorite sandwich. Meet your loved ones. Anything to make you feel refreshed.

Of course, they are just my opinions. You may agree or disagree.

One valuable advice that I can give to all of writers out there, find your own style and comfortable working environment. Find out what motivates you. The rest is history.

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