Monday, June 04, 2007

Writing Zone

My current writing zone is littered with many objects. Around me, for instance, I can see a bag of chocolate (my snack), a red hairpin, green earrings, wrist supporter (for mouse), The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer (I'm saving this book for moments when I feel really, really down, so that when I read it, my mood will be much better!), my glasses, cellphone, notebook, box where I put name cards, staple-remover, stationaries (pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and the like), compact powder, alarm clock, whiteboard, table lamp, calendar, KBBI, thesaurus, various cables and things that I fear to identify.

Once a friend asked, how could you write in such a messy surrounding? I honestly have no idea. Maybe it's like some kind of training. I mean, when you have kids around the house, you just get used to slovenliness (plus, my partner and I can't really be considered as neat people). So, I figured, if I could write in this state, then I could write anytime, anywhere!

When I write, truth to tell, I don't really pay much attention to where I am. I am creating a story, remember? I can set my own mood. I create my own universe. Still, it'd be nice (although I doubt that I'll write much, for I'll spend my time enjoying the scenery) to find myself in a wonderful place. Like, let's say, a cottage overlooking the beach (I love beaches).

The thing is, when I travel (a pity I seldom do that these days), I tend to absorb the setting. I try to memorize every detail, so that when I want to write about it, I just need to close my eyes and visualize it well.

However, I have to admit that I should clean my writing zone. Dust is beginning to sprout here and there. So, hereby I declare June 5 and 6 to be official cleaning days!

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PrettyInTheCity said...

kak donna banget deh ;p

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