Thursday, June 28, 2007

Write It Once or Twice, Okay. More than Thrice?

I have no grudge whatsoever to those who prefer to do some blogwalking, without reading the posts first. It's your call. Yet, there are times when I feel quite annoyed.

Since my mind remembers what it wants to remember, I find myself memorizing (not intentionally) nicknames of people who stopped by at my blog.

There's this person who has written "Hai, salam kenal!" for at least twice. I became curious and tried to check my shoutbox. This person has actually written it four times! Within a month! (Wow, how many blogs that this person visits each day? I wonder!) Still, this person does not seem to remember that (s)he has visited my blog more than once. To this person, apparently, it's always the first time (everytime [s]he clicks my blog, that is).

I tried visiting this person's blog once or twice, but after the third time (s)he visited, I sort of gave up. I mean, really, what's the point? Maybe (s)he just wants me (and a bunch of others, I bet) to visit her/his blog?


Candy said...

Must be some teenyboppers with too much time on their hand :( I ran a forum before and realised some ppl became members pretty much just to post their pictures, and guess what, they are also members in gazillion other similar forums, all for the sake of posting photos! Somebody should save them !

Jennie S. Bev said...

Very funny, what a short-term memory indeed.

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