Monday, July 02, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

I know, I know, I've been tagged before, but it's sooo fun! I decide to do it again!

Got tagged by dear M this time... now, what should I write? I don't know if they're weird enough though.

1. I am often possessed by songs. It's like this. If I hear a fragment of a song, for some reasons I could not yet fathom, I'll find myself playing the song over and over again in my head. Right now my "head" is playing an old song. I don't even know the title, so maddening!

2. I can read between the lines, but I'm bad when it comes to seeing the obvious. Especially when it comes to romantic relationship. I can read subtle messages, slight nuances, what people are trying to say subconsciously. Pretty well, I might add. Yet if a guy, for instance, really likes me, if he expresses it clearly, then I'm in the dark.

3. I hate being a teenager. That's one of the main reasons why I choose to write books for teenagers. When I was young, I was an idealistic youth. I was not a conformist. I felt odd, like I was mostly alone. I found solace and comfort in TeenLit books. Now, I wish I could help teenagers out there. If they read my books and feel comforted or happy, though only for a moment, I'll be really glad.

4. I am an empath. Unfortunately, I cannot control my "gift". Sometimes, I can sense what a stranger is feeling, especially when it's so intense. I rarely feel that way about my family and friends, though. Maybe I mentally make a mental block or something, when it comes to people I really love and care about.

5. I am an emotional person, especially during the full moon. When the moon is full, it's worse than PMS (because I don't experience that). I can be really dorky, weepy, even crazy.

6. I judge a book by its cover. Except when they are written by my favorite others. If not, I look at the illustration and back cover first, before buying the book.

Now it's my turn to tag others! I'm tagging isman, Kori and Surya (I know you guys have done that, but please do it again, just for fun!), Vani, Mbak Indah, Nana!

I'm waiiitiiing! ^_^


Jennie S. Bev said...

Wow, you're an empath. I think so too, but I try not to be overwhelmed by others' sufferings. That's why I don't wanna be a doctor, because I might cry looking at a sick patient.

About subtle nuances, I'm not sure about that. Sometimes my radar works, sometimes doesn't. Funny when I think of a best friend of mine who finally said he really loved me after all those years we were together as best buddies. I didn't realize the strong nuances.

He heh... everybody has her stories.

pretty in the city said...

Ha ha ha... it turns out not only me, who judge the book by its cover =P

I love design and arty things..


Anonymous said...

Lho, kok ada namaku?!?!?
jawabannya : Idem aja deh....hehehhe


Primadonna Angela said...

i also try to be more grounded and stable, jennie. if not, other people's emotions will overwhelm me. ah, so i'm not the only one! haha. thanks for sharing your story.

true, dear m, i believe covers are important!!!

eh nanaaa.. liciiik!

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