Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have always loved charmbracelets. I got my first from my dad. Actually, he bought it for my mom. Since she didn't really like it, the bracelet became mine. Yay! Lucky me!

When I was pregnant of Chika, I found myself drooling while clicking fabulous sites offering charmbracelets. I even asked atashi no tenshi to buy some for me (I love you, dear angel!). It is said that if you wish and try hard enough, eventually you might get whatever you want. It is certainly like that in my case. Now I can even make one!

I'm glad that I decided to open Rumah Pernik. Beading jewelries has keep me sane throughout these hectic months.


pretty in the city said...

He he...

You are very productive. Two thumbs up =)

martha said...

Lovely work. Too bad I don't have the budget for shopping right now after my PulKam trip :-(

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