Thursday, July 26, 2007

From Bandung to Jakarta!

I seldom go to Jakarta. When I was eighteen I moved to Bandung, and if I wanted to return to my hometown, I had to go to Jakarta first. To the airport, mostly, not to the city. When I was twenty-six, I stayed in Jakarta for about two months, for a training in teaching English (some kind of TEFL, methink). I spent happy moments with my buddies (my twin bro was still in Jakarta then, and I recalled that we met at least a couple of times, once in Alex's house if my memory serves me right.) and my partner (he and I met twice or thrice). We mostly went to the mall, grabbing cups of coffee and the like. Oh, I feel warm glows all over, just thinking about those times. Miss you, guys...

Since I got married, I've been to Jakarta only several times. The first time, when my partner and I were newlyweds. We went to my in-laws' place and GPU (for submitting BaM!) Second time, when Aza was about 5 months' old, Lebaran time. Third, for Kompas-Gramedia Fair in Senayan. Fourth, last year, when I was pregnant of Chika. Fifth, when we went to Seaworld (I was still pregnant then) then Taman Safari to make Aza happy. Sixth, yesterday!

Yesterday, on the spur of the moment, I went to Jakarta. At first I accompanied isman to the Hall of the Gods--err... no, actually, to an office in Jakarta. (I call it Hall of the Gods because the entrance to the office is so... well, just see the picture!) Then we went to GPU. I met several editors whom I deeply missed. We talked a lot. I also met this beautiful secretary, Michelle (you can see her in the cover of "Does My Head Look Big in This?"). Today is her birthday. (Happy Birthday, Michelle!!!)

Sad thing is, when we were about to return to Bandung, the travel agencies were fully booked! We could only get ticket for 8 PM. Thinking of Chika, we decided to take the train instead. Argo Gede. Supposed to depart on 5.50 PM yet we left at 6.30. Oh well...

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