Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chika, Five Months

Chika is now five months' old. She begins to show interest in food. (We won't feed her anything till she's six months' old, naturally!) When she lies on her stomach, she can move forward a bit. She babbles a lot now. So cute.

She's getting balder now, she really loves pulling her hair. Luckily some of her hair have grown. So we still call her Chika Cabot--Cantik tapi Botak.

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Kirain pake Cabot krn Mbak Donna nge-fans berat ama Meg Cabot :) Emang Mbak paling jempolan kalo bikin nama2 julukan yg unik ...Salam cabot buat Chika....

*(salam cabot= salam cayang sambil dicubit cubooot ;p)

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