Friday, July 13, 2007

Good News for Today!

1. Pretty, talented, smart designer, Maryna, has given birth on July 12. A daughter. Yay! I'm so happy on her behalf. I bet her baby is beautiful as well!

2. My parents-in-law are here. My mom-in-law went to so-called bridal shower for our neighbor. She brought along food. Aza and I helped ourselves to many servings...

3. Our neighbor gave us plenty of food. Oh my, why did I decide to gobble so many snacks? Now I'm quite full... (but perhaps not that full. I'll grab something after this!)

1 comment:

pritha said...

Oh woow, lagi rame dunks di rumah Mbak Donna skarang? Nyamm...
Eh btw HP yang terakhir tuh bukunya yah? Jadi bukan filmnya? *pritha salah info, hihihi*
Tapi kenapa yah film HP yang skarang apke ada ciumannya sgala??
Bener Mbak Donna tuh, jangan sampe ngajak Aza nonton HP, trus ntar dia tanya? "Mami, aku boleh kissing nggak?"

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