Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Was Happy Yesterday Because...

1. I finished editing the translation of a book! Wow! A hard day's work. I even finished writing the synopsys and ideas for the cover. Sure, when I did that, an inner voice yelled, "Enough! Enough!" Yet I persisted. Simply because I knew I could do it. And I did.

2. isman and I went to his office's big gathering. We didn't win the doorprize (too bad!), but we did get two nice Parker pens. And I managed to grab plenty of roses! More than a dozen. Fourteen or fifteen, I didn't count. I'm a big fan of roses, and having beautiful roses around the house really cheer me up.

3. I managed to pump 130 ml of milk! This may sound bizarre, yet to me, it's an achievement! It means Chika is getting bigger, she requires more and more food. She's four months old already... in two months' time she'll begin eating solid!


pretty in the city said...

Point # 3, he he *awkward =)

Congratulations for finishing the book. Wishing u good luck for all the big efforts.

Hannie said...

waahh.. banyak bener mawarnya??
dan gak dapet prize tapi dapet pulpen parker, hihihi... itu sih udah "dapet" juga kali yah mbak ;)

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