Thursday, July 05, 2007

Me in the Past: Part Three

These pictures were taken in January 2004. I was pregnant of Aza, 4 months. Look at isman, he was so slim! (He was 65 kgs then!)

In these pictures, you can see isman's parents; isman's oldest bro (blue shirt, glasses) and his wife (red shirt), Karin and her baby bro, Tristan; isman's sister (white shirt), husband, and two kids (handsome Aril and chubby Azel).


pretty in the city said...


I'm sorry, but who is Nyacan? =)I can't speak japan language ;p

Primadonna Angela said...

nyachan is my best friend, m. her name is actually nina, but her nick name is "nya", -chan is just an addition to show that i'm close to her. :)

pretty in the city said...

Oh i see =) Thanks

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