Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Lovely Babies and I

One morning, bleary-eyed, we all decided (at least, I did) to take several pictures. Aza just had to wear his mask (fortunately, we could coax him to use it as some kind of hat) and Chika was just being a baby (meaning: when she is full, amused, clean, wears fresh diaper, she has no reason to complain!). My babies look cute (at least, in their parents' eyes) but I, as usual, look like a mess. I definitely am not a morning person.


pretty in the city said...

You're pretty and cute^^.... Don't feel that way.

BTW, what is that on chika? The one with blue stripes? ;p

Is that santa sock?

Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

Chika yang paling keliatan seger di foto ini, hihihii..

Wina said...

Mba Donna... hihihihih tampangnya lucu banged... maaf yah jd pengen ketawa...*piss*

btw sama donk kita,, aku susaaaaaah banged bangun pagi

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