Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Mix & Match Charmbracelet Collection

I've been beading like crazy for the past few days. Maybe it has something to do with stress. Maybe I just feel like doing it. Whatever it is, I seem to be "guided" to make charmbracelets.

After mulling around, trying to find what design would look best, I came to this idea. Why not create a mix & match collection!? Why not let my customers in Rumah Pernik create their own charmbracelets? So I did! And I'm so proud of this collection! Of course, I still love my previous charmbracelet collection, yet right now I'm extremely excited being able to finish creating the mix & match collection.

I know this may sound silly, but I'm still amazed to know I can make my own accessories. It was like several years ago, the feeling of accomplishment and joy, knowing that I could finish writing a book.

It's funny how creativity projects approach you. How ideas hover around you, waiting to be grabbed. I guess one of the ways to catch one, is that, be receptive to everything that might come by.

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