Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Now, Let's See, What Should I Wear?

Yahoo! AvatarsWhen I chatted with my twin bro some hours ago, I noticed that his avatar was wearing a blue kimono. Complete with the sword and all. I thought that was pretty cool, so I decided to update my yahoo avatar, trying to find a kimono or something equally pretty. I did find a kimono, but to my dismay, if I chose that outfit, my avatar would have to wear a silly parasol! Aw. Scratch that. I began searching for cute clothes to wear...

I loved the wide variety of clothes for yahoo avatars. I'm so much in love with the Indian traditional outfits, aodai (so simple yet elegant!), several Renaissance gowns (My avatar looks good in traditional, peasant-style look. Andi said that look resembled Caramon Majere's wife, Tika Waylan-Majere, hehe!) Yet after some time, I decided that my avatar should wear this. My, doesn't she look elegant? Andi said, he'd love to see me wear this dress. I said, I'd definitely LOVE to wear this, but where could I get one? Huaah!

And since it seemed to be fitting, I chose the throne room as a background. I know, it's just my avatar, not yours truly. Yet, somehow I know, I'd definitely look gorgeous in similar outfit.

Just by looking at this avatar, I feel a bit happier and more queenly, hehe.

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