Friday, July 27, 2007

The Power of Schmooze!

I got this award from a dear friend, lovely M. Created by talented Mike and Pink who decide to share their creativity to other bloggers.

I'm supposed to award five more bloggers that have the power to schmooze. So here it goes, in alphabetical order!

1. Hannie. Hannie is talkative and attractive. Just read her posts to know about her way of schmoozing.

2. Isman. If you think I'm schmoozy, then he's schmoozier than I am. (I'm not sure if I write it correctly or not, haha!)

3. Mas Iwok. Just read this prolific writer's blog to find out for yourself!

4. Pritha. Petite, energetic, always in the brink of saying something!

5. Yaya. This romantic, poetic lady often has sweet words to say.

Congratulations! Don't forget to pass the award to five more people, guys and gals!


Hannie said...

aku lagi nyasar kemana2, trus penasaran dari baca post terbaru Yaya, jadi pengen tau apa sih yang dimaksud "The Power of Schmooze", keliatannya keren gitu, katanya ada di blog mba Donna.

gak taunya.... huhuuuu... a... ada a... a... ku! hihihi...


makasih yah, mbak. dirimu emang top abis deh, slalu merhatiin perkembangan aku (&temen2) :)

Iwok said...

Waaaaah .. baru mampir kesini, dan surprised! Thanks banyak Don atas kepercayaannya.
Seandainya boleh awards balik, i should put you on the top list. Tapi ngga boleh ya? hehehe

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