Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Way to a Mom's Heart

One of my best friends, Kori, told me some time ago that it was quite easy to make a mom happy. How? Just give presents for her kid(s)! I somewhat agree to her. If somebody gives my kid(s) presents with all her heart, hoping to make my kid(s) and yours truly happy, of course I'll be delighted!

My good friend since elementary school, Nengti, gave LOTS of presents for Aza and Chika last week. Chika is way too young to care (haha) but Aza is thrilled. He loves presents. (He's so like me!) I also got a belated birthday present, yet the joy I felt while looking at Aza's expression way surpassed my happiness in getting a gift for myself. Thank you, Auntie Nengti, Uncle Ravi and Milli!

1 comment:

lou said...

is it true? really ??

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