Friday, August 24, 2007

Body-Buttered Me

Since beautiful M posted about Body Butter in her blog, I have been really, really eager to give it a try. Since someone I dearly love promised me to get one--an almond one, hopefully--for my birthday () I bought other scents. I got a set of olive body butter, shower gel and exfoliator (heavenly smell) for my birthday... (yeah, yeah, it's in October, but it's never too early to buy a gift for myself!) That means I won't be able to use it until then (ihiks). I bought olive scent for my parents, strawberry for my yummy partner and avocado for myself. (Too bad the shop does not have all of the scents.. I'm curious about the smell of vanilla, mango, shea, hemp and grapeseed!)

It was quite a tiring day for me. When I returned home, I took a bath then indulge myself with avocado body butter. On the spur of the moment, I chose green pants and top. I think it's very fitting. I not only smell like fragrant avocado, but I also look like one, too!

Next indulgence... I want to try lip butter! I have to visit other stores, for the one I visited, ran out of those!


ncbhac said...

Hahahha....hihihi...borong ya Don!
Awas kalap ...:D

yang alpuket enak gak ?

nattever said...

Eh loh kok mo nulis nama jadi nulisnya kode verifikasi..haha..dodol...

itu tadi aku, nattever

mer said...

wow... sounds like what a tiring woman really needs...
reading your description, i quickly imagine such an indulgence... oooh.

salam kenal ya. tahu-tahu saya tersesat di sini... :)


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