Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Concerning My Newest Book

This is one of the characters from my newest book. She is Lietha Arindina's best friend. Who is she? (The ones that have read Belanglicious will surely know her name!) What is she doing, wearing an elegant furisode, looking uncertain? Just wait till my book is out in the market, okay!

When I finished writing Belanglicious, I didn't think of writing its sequel. I thought, what was there to tell? What kind of story should I write? Yet after a while, an idea approached me. The idea persisted, growing stronger every minute. So I gave in and wrote.

The idea was simple enough. When I was young (and yes, dear readers, I was young once, in case you find it hard to believe), I felt a huge attraction to Kaneshiro Takeshi. He wasn't that famous back then. He used the name Jing Cheng Wu, singing sappy, silly love stories in Taiwan and HK. Yet that time I knew, he was destined to greatness. How wonderful it'd be, I thought, if I could sing with him--better yet, act with him on a movie/dorama!

So my character, in this book, gets the chance of a lifetime. She meets her own Kaneshiro Takeshi. She gets a role in a dorama (although not the main heroine). Obviously, she is in love with Kinta. But what kind of love does she feel? Infatuation? Hero-worship? True love? Ah... I'd better stop now, before spilling several spoilers!

My lovely editor has finished editing this book, yet it will be a while before it hits the market. Please hope and pray that all will go well!


wiwien said...

tengkiu sudah membaca dan bahkan sudah memiliki W4T. silakan kalo mo direview di Goodreads atau dikomentari di manapun. saya terbuka terhadap komentar pembaca kok, terutama yg pedes2. soalnya sy juga sering berkomentar pedes2 thd buku teman2, hehe...
jadi malu soalnya saya belum pernah baca2 buku Mbak Primadonna Angela. besok ah ke Gramed buat beli Quarterlife atau Belanglicious. teman saya tuh yg ngefans berat sama Quarterlife Fear. dia pasti ngiri kalo saya kenal sama Primadonna Angela...

martha said...

Congrats Donna, on your new book!! Can't wait to read it :-)

pretty in the city said...

congratulations kak donna! You're inspiring and awesome.

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