Friday, August 31, 2007

Lovely September

September is one of my favorite months. Why is that so? Some people that I love were born in this month. Plus, I got married this month. (That reminds me, I should prepare some gifts and send them ASAP!)

isman and I weren't together during our previous anniversaries. He had to go somewhere for business trips or other things. This year, he'll go to Bali as one of the hosts in Ubud Readers & Writers Festival. Too bad I wouldn't be able to accompany him then. Let's hope he'll be in town for my birthday!

Tell you what, I can't believe it's September again! Soon it'll be Samhain. Then Christmas. New Year's Eve. Time to set new goals and projects.

Right now, I plan to finish editing four manuscripts in October. Then I'll concentrate in writing books--one or maybe two? Okay, one! (Don't get too ambitious, Dear Donna!)

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