Friday, August 10, 2007

My First Brooch

After a couple of months toiling with pins, beads, chains and others, I decided it was the time to try making a brooch. After seeing the instructions in several books, I was quite confident I would able to do it. "Doesn't seem to be that difficult," I mused back then.

Ha! What a fool I've been. It was darn difficult. And truth to tell, I'm not that pleased with the result. I think it will take quite a while before I'm able to sell my handmade brooches in Rumah Pernik.

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Wah buat bros pertama, bagus bgt loh hasilnya...aku pernah jg belajar bikin pernak-pernik gini, hasilnya ancur lebur, jauuuh dr karya mbak.

Emang mbak Donna top markotob dah!

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