Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another Brooch!

I was not satisfied with my first brooch, so I made another one. This one is much better, I think. Tidier. It also looks more professional (what? Neverwind...). However, I still want to have another go! I ordered three brooches from another online shop, they look so neat and lovely! Huhuhu.. mine is not like that. Not yet, anyway. (That's the optimistic side of me speaking!)

Tonight I'm going out with my partner to buy an essential material... afterwards... I might try again and again and again! Practice DOES make perfect!


pretty in the city said...

wishing u GOOD Luck.

You like to learn from other competitor. Great for business, kak donna =)

jakartabutuhrevolusibudaya said...

nice blog. Nice knowing this blog :)

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