Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who, Me? Lucky?

Many people tell me that I am lucky. Once in a while they comment:

"You have a wonderful partner..."

"Your children are cute and healthy..."

"You are pretty..."

"Many people love you..."

"Your parents-in-law are nice to you..."

"Writing is so natural to you. Like breathing. You can write effortlessly..."

"Your parents are still together and happy..."

"You have many talents..."

"You are rich..."

I hate those comments. Yes, I know I am lucky, but that's because I choose to feel lucky and content with what I have. Everything is relative... Besides, many times, I work hard for it. People who know me well should know that I work really, really hard in polishing my skills in writing/beading.

I have no idea why people do that. Yes, yes, we all are humans, we are prone to feeling envious and jealous. What is there to feel jealous about? Sure, I love being myself, yet at times, I don't. God has blessed me in several ways, but of course I'm far from perfect.

And yes, yes, I have many talents. Don't we all? Ask yourself. What do you love to do? What do you excel in? A lot, I bet. Yet at times we are too weary to explore our potentials. So sad.

Regarding of being rich... Spiritually, I am. I follow my calling, I try to contribute to the society in my own ways. I'd rather worry about making ends meet than being a multibillionaire while feeling empty inside.


Martha said...

Yeah, it's not about luck is it? You are absolutely right. It's about being blessed and using what we have to the best of our ability. That is our responsibility. And also, again you right, to be content with what we have.


You really deserve for your achievements Mbak ! Everybody who really loves you must be proud of you very much!

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