Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Magical Me

Sometimes I can feel magic tingling in my finger tips. Energy streaming from my pores. Such as now. I finished reading Nora Roberts' Face the Fire--the last book of Three Sisters Island trilogy. But reading about witches and magic has nothing to do with it. Okay, maybe a little.

I just felt happy. And secure. Content with what I have. Ultimate blessings in life. I know I am blessed. And I bless others in return. I know I'm spreading love. And waves of love reach for me in return.

Ten--twenty--years ago, I wouldn't dare to dream. That one day I'd reach this. Be surrounded with people I care about. I would question others relentlessly, demanding answers--why do you love me? Why do you care? What do I have that makes you want to be here, next to me? Now I know better. I am I. Me. I acknowledge that I deserve to be loved. Everyone does.

I have changed. Evolved for the better. Sure, some basic things remain unchanged. I still like green. I haven't found the inclination to try bungee jumping. And I am still very much in love with reading and writing...

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