Friday, September 14, 2007

My Life-Savers

I have new ways to combat stress and fatigue. Quite simple actually. I put lip butter, olive shower gel and a bottle of rose water within reach. When I'm drowsy, I spray the rose water on my face. (You can change it to plain water or water combined with your favorite scent, of course!) Effective! When I'm lethargic, I smell the olive shower gel (you can find your empowering / relaxing scent according to your taste). When I feel down and unpretty, I apply lip butter on my lips.

You can find small bottle spray in supermarkets (got one from the nearby supermarket). Experiment until you find a scent that suits you. And to make you feel good, instead of applying lip butter/balm, you can wear makeup, jewelry, nice clothes... whatever works!

If everything fails, I take a long bath with my favorit soap. Guaranteed to boost my morale.


Pritha said...

Hmmh...patut dicoba nih sarannya Mbak Donna.
Btw, qo Aza makin mirip ama Mas Isman yah??
Gmana lancar toh puasanya?

Martha said...

Sounds good.. but when I need a pick me up... it's all about food... chocolate and/or coffee!! Yummm...

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