Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Aw, Kids!

Aza is a big fan of Power Rangers. Actually, he's also a big fan of Spiderman, Ultraman, Superman, Transformers, cars, anything that grabs his attention. A couple of days ago, before the family gathering, Aza refused to change his faded clothes. We had to tell him that he should change so he'd look more handsome, still, he didn't buy it. Then, desperate, I told him, "Za, as long as the guests are here, you should wear your new clothes. When they have returned home, you can wear whatever you want." Surprisingly, he agreed.

When the guests left, he told us that he'd like to wear his favorite clothes... again. But after he was dressed in his everyday attire, he spotted my uncle (who was staying for the night at my parents') then said, "Mami, how come the guest is still here?"


We just pretended that we did not know him... Which was incredibly hard for me, since he kept following me around, calling, "Mami, Mami, why... I don't understand, Mami! Mami, Mami, when will the guest leave?"

Gosh, sometimes it's so embarassing (and sometimes amusing!) to have a kid!


Sandy Eggi said...

kalo jadi uncle nya sih saya udah pulang ... pundung :D

evelyn said...

waduh ibunya kok boyish abis ya?

Primadonna Angela said...

hahaha.. kayaknya pamanku juga pura2 nggak dengar. :D

boyish abis dari mananya? hehehe.

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