Saturday, October 20, 2007

Confession of A (Former) Guitar Freaks' Addict

I used to love playing guitar freaks. Arcade version. Many years ago, my buddies and I spent most of our free time hanging out, playing this game. We had our own favorite songs. Andi, for instance, my angelic twin bro loved Endless Summer. isman liked Aficion, Jazzy Cat, Adventures, Jet World, Wanna be Your Boy. My youngest bro had this thing for Dry Martini and... darn, can't remember it now. Me? One of the most memorable songs would be Nan Queen. I managed to get Super score on this song! (Something that my brother and friends had never managed to do!) No mistakes, at all! Yay!

Then this game seemed to be harder and harder. After the 7th or was it 6th mix, we stopped playing the arcade. It wasn't fun anymore. What's the point of trying so hard to get good score? Where's the fun when you can't act silly and goofy while playing the songs?

We played the PS2 version instead. And I fell in love with the song called Akogare. Sweet, romantic, a bit cheesy probably...

A couple of days ago my partner bought a new Guitar Freaks game. My skill has deteriorated shamelessly. isman won most of the time... Maybe isman and I should start saving to buy the guitars. Then I'll show him who's da boss!

But, but, but... do they still sell the guitar pads? I'm not really sure!

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