Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Tale of Two Sisters: Part Deux

Merry beams at her spectators, triumphant
confident she has won their hearts
She is not cruel, not necessarily
But it is important for her to feel
that she is right.
She always is,
when her sister is concerned.

Merry loves it so, when people are on her side
Ignorant? Probably. Thoughtless? Possibly.
She just wants to be heard. To be loved.
A hunger gnaws inside her, yearning for acceptance
Even pity. Anything--you name it.
Her soul is lost. Like an abyss.
Everything won't be enough--that simple.

Verity still weeps, solemnly, soberly
When the voice of Universe booms in her ears
"Stand up, Daughter. Enough. How can you survive
all by herself, wrapped in your misery, like this?
How can you let
Merry have all the sympathy and attention?
It is time. Make a stand. Use your Voice."

Verity shakes her head, preferring her solitude
Thinking, how can she make people understand?
She is the younger, and some might say, the weaker.
Merry is the dominant one. Was, is, will always be.

"You are strong. You used to be, until you let Merry
decrease your self-esteem."

With renewed vigor, Verity shakily stands
Struggling to find fortitude
"True. I allow myself
to cry, to moan, to suffer alone.
Enough! Enough! I shall face my demons!
I shall confront Merry, if need be!"

Gracefully, Verity bows to the Universe
And the Universe winks at her in return.

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