Friday, October 05, 2007

A Tale of Two Sisters: Part One

Merry stands alone, body carefully poised
And aligned to portray a tragic scene
Her tears drop, one by one
Then dramatically she lifts her face
With bright, shining tears
She greets her audience, letting out
Her grief and sadness eloquently
People look at her once, twice, then
Were captivated by her dramatic persona
She trembles while casting
Her own version of truth
Others are swayed
They support her, revere her
While they curse the other sister
Whoever dares to hurt Merry
Must be cruelest than the devil.

Near a cliff, Verity sits, not alone
For the verdant vegetations and azure sky
Are her patient spectators
She sheds a tear, quietly, for her rage
And incessant sorrow are beyond belief
She prefers to be alone, nurturing herself
For unlike her sister, she weeps by herself
And for that, the universe symphatizes with Verity.

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