Thursday, October 25, 2007

When I First Met Him...

...I was blinded by his light. His brilliance. His aura was both pure and innocent. He emanated childlike wonder, mild curiosity, delight in life. I felt so humble. Unworhy of his attention. I was so terrified that I ran away.

When I met him again, I was ready. I saw through his soul, found a caring, unselfish heart inside. I was honored to be his friend. His aura was calming, loving. Many were drawn to him. And he gave. Oh, how he gave, anybody could tell.

As time passed us by, I was saddened to see the change in him. Childlike wonder and delight were replaced with wariness. He erected barriers because... well, a humane thing to do, probably. He was tired. People expected him to give, yet they didn't seem to give him anything in return. People adored, worshipped him. Somehow I knew that was not what he really wanted.

I feel a great loss. The shining aura has diminished. A star is being slowly suffocated. It's not fair... why can't they see it? Why won't they let him do whatever he feels like doing?

I guess I'll never be able to know the answer.

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