Friday, October 26, 2007

Full Moon, Already?

No wonder I'm so jumpy and cranky today. I have written about 5 pages or so, still I yearn for more. I composed a song out of the blue, wishing I could record it right away. I snapped at the kids just because they were noisy. I was selfish and annoying, I know well.

I asked forgiveness from Aza. I hugged him, telling him I was so sorry that I yelled at him. He hugged me back, saying "It's ok." Sometimes I feel sad, why can't I love like him? So easy and simple, without demands. Why do my feelings fluctuate like this?

Maybe it's just my type. I like my aloneness. If I don't get enough privacy and "me time" I'll normally be vicious and resentful.

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