Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chika, (Almost) Nine Months

Chika is almost nine months. She "talks" more now. She can also crawl and sit on her own. She can stand up while holding onto something, and walk a few steps (while supporting herself with something, obviously). When you hold her hands, she wants to walk, walk and walk. Whatever Aza does, seems to affect her. (Meaning, when Aza is in a good mood, she'll be happy. When Aza is annoyed or whiny, she'll do some whining, too.) She has long eyelashes (yay!). And I simply don't want to repeat my mom's mistake--cutting my long eyelashes (when I was still a baby), thinking my eyelashes would grow longer and more curly. (Look what THAT got me! Short, ordinary eyelashes! Ugh!)


rina said...

Mbak Donna, salam kenal. Aku sering mampir di blog Mbak Donna. Dan salah satu fans aja (walaupun hanya dari jauh, dan nggak pernah posting komentar sebelum ini)Cuma mau kasih tahu Mbak, Chika cantik ya Mbak. Tambah besar, tambah cantik dan lucu. Semoga sehat selalu ya Mbak. Dan Mbak Donna tambah sukses

Pandababy said...

Thank you for sharing - it gives me smiles this morning, to your pretty baby and remember when my (now adult) children were like Aza and Chika - such happy times.

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