Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Lovely Girl

Two days ago, Chika surprised me by standing up. She, as always, used my body as a stepping stone (or whatever you call it). She began my grabbing my shirt (we were in sleeping position then, in bed) then she somehow managed to get up. For about two or three seconds. Whoa!

Another story about Sachika. Yesterday, we bought her a new outfit. I thought it was cute, and the price was reasonable, too. When we showed it to Chika, she became grumpy and angry for no apparent reason. But she did try to grab the clothes for a few times. I had the silly notion that perhaps she'd like to wear it. She wailed, screamed, muttered "dadada tatatat bubah" in an annoyed tone when we took off her clothes. When she wore the new clothes, however, she was all smiles! Perhaps she loved it and couldn't wait to try it on? I wouldn't know. I just think she looks cute and sweet!

Here in this picture, you can see Chika in her new dress, still wearing a nonmatching sock. (She had already taken off the other pair some minutes previously!)

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all about health said...

lucu anaknya mas

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