Saturday, November 10, 2007

Meet the New Violinist!

Har har har... I wish!

I borrowed my dad's white Zeta and attempted to play it. Afterwards, with Chika, I played the piano. I decided to strike the notes of Londonerry Air (I'm not sure, is that the right title?). It's been years, decades, but some things, you do not forget. True, I still can't play piano very well (I used to play organ) but I can still distinguish major chords and play whatever song that comes into my mind (just the melody).

An old friend of mine once told me that he thought I'd be a musician or a singer. He asked whether I regretted my current career. I told him that even though I might have talents and interest in singing or playing a musical instrument, I simply lack the persistence and ambition. So, no regrets. I still sing now and then at home, so I'd say, I'm still pretty musical.

If you read this, Ko, why don't we go to a karaoke joint together and sing together? Just for the good ol' times sake. Then probably you'll stop pestering me to sing again in public!

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