Friday, January 25, 2008

Chika, Eleven Months

Chika is eleven months now. She spends most of her time crawling and moving around. Yesterday, she could stand up on her own for quite some time, was it ten seconds? Twice! So I guess we can officially say that she can do that! (She used to be able to stand up for about 3-5 seconds.)

She babbles a lot, mostly mamah, babah, teteh, tatah, stuff like that. She calls me Mama, sometimes Mamam, sometimes Mami. But mama or mamam can also mean that she wants to eat or breastfeed. I guess I'm the whole package, ha.

She is also fond of giving things to others. Toys, books. Sometimes, nothing! She just holds her hands, as if having something there, and hand "it" to people nearby.

She hasn't grown a tooth yet.

She whines and complains when being fed, but she still finishes it just the same.

She moves a lot. She just can't seem to sit still!

1 comment:

Fun said...

lucu bangettt... :) ponakanku juga udah 7bulanan... demen gerak2 tapi belon bisa duduk..

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