Monday, January 28, 2008


...I feel people are taking advantages from me. Maybe I appear to be too kind. Or perhaps, I seem to be a softie. And yes, I'm a giving person by nature. I love to share happiness and wonders of life, and there are times when I don't mind indulging people around me with love and trinkets.

Many times people tell me, you shouldn't be kind to A or B, they never respect you, they don't even care. All they care about is what they currently need. And then you'll be tossed aside. But I love doing good deeds just for the sake of doing it. I do it for myself. And I don't expect that person to repay me, sometimes it doesn't work that way. You give, and the universe gives you something in return.

However, I'm mere human, and I admit that I can be in one of those murky moods. When this happens, I especially detest seeing people who are needy and clingy, and very, very stingy. Oh yes, sometimes I give them things when I feel like it, but I hate it when they seem to be counting every penny!

Ah yes, it has happened to me! I lent a book to an acquaintance. After a considerable amount of time (read: three or four years), I needed that book (somebody else wanted to borrow it) and I asked this person to return it to me. And what did this person say?

"I'll send the book to you by post, and then you can transfer the money for the fee at my account."

What the...!? Didn't that person feel the responsibility to at least pay for the postal fee? Ugh!

I decided to go to this person's house (yes, we both live in the same city) and I was horribly disappointed to see my book's condition had deteriorated!

"There was this flood, you know, and your book was drenched. O well, there was nothing I could do...."

I felt like slapping this person! I mean, for decency's sake, you could at least tell me about it, or at least, offer to replace the book!

"I still need the book though, so would you please wait for a month or so?"

I just told this person to keep the book. And I decided not to contact this person ever, ever again.

And now, similar things happen.

Maybe I should take a deep breath and let it be. I can just try to be polite and make a mental note not to have anything to do with them in the future.

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HabsQ said...

(Unfortunately) that kind of person exist in this world...

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