Monday, January 28, 2008

Go Fish!

Last Saturday, my partner, Aza and I went fishing in Pangalengan. Yep, it's quite far, about 2-3 hours' drive from Bandung. Aza got a bit carsick on the way there! Fortunately on the way home he slept.

He didn't get any fish, haha. I did, only two, when I was about to give up! But we brought home a dozen fish! How could that be?

Aza got a free fish, courtesy of the pond-keeper (have no idea what the name of the job is!). That person also helped Aza in fishing for three more fish. (He just tried to make Aza happy, I guess, because Aza got really excited putting the fish on his net and all.) The other six? We got the fish from isman's workmate, since he didn't want to bring them home.

Naturally, several small incidents occured, including Aza falling to the pond. (It happened some time after this picture was taken) No big deal though, and isman caught him in time, so he only got muddy water on his face and shirt. Aza also enjoyed having picnic (courtesy of my parents who packed the food for us) there. We planned to take him fishing again, but this time, we'll go somewhere nearer!

And by the way, when I got home and took a bath, I was surprised to note that I got a sunburn. It wasn't that bad, considering that I immediately put ointments and all, but my hands and face are much darker (and redder) now!

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