Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gabriel Knight, the Schattenjäger

I've always loved the game called Gabriel Knight. From Sins of the Father, The Beast Within, to the most difficult ever, Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. I've played the first and the third, but haven't had the chance to explore the second. And now, I can finally play The Beast Within! I have to say I'm quite disappointed with the personification of Gabe. I mean, he's good looking and all, but not what I had in mind. I imagine Gabe to be more striking (piercing eyes and disarming smiles), have brighter hair, ah... the list will go on and on.

My brothers and I consider
being a schattenjäger is kind of cool. You get to have the dashing dagger and attractive amulet, the adventures! (Of course, I don't think I'll really enjoy facing a werewolf or vampire face to face, but it's always nice to pretend and make believe!) I often use "schattenjäger" as a nick name. Shadow-chaser/shadow-hunter has a nice ring to my eyes.

And now I'm a partner, blissfully happy in a wedlock, and a mother of two. Still I feel thrilled remembering Gabriel Knight. And apparently I haven't gotten over my crush over him.

I sure hope they're going to make GK 4 in the future! It'd be very neat indeed.

PS: The picture of the amulet is taken from here. If you're also a fan of GK, why not join the campaign while you're at it?

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