Monday, February 04, 2008

I Have Every Reason to be Depressed...

...yet I am not. And it really amazes me. I mean, I'm talking about yours truly here, the bratty, whining lady who complains a lot. The self-centered gal who grumbles when things don't work out as planned.

Lessee. My babe is not well, Chika is still feverish now and then. Most likely, tomorrow Iwe're going to take her to the doctor. Aza is getting better, meaning, he's back to his usual self. (making creative mess, loud noises...) I'm down with flu. I'm dizzy. Feverish. Cranky. Plus, I'm having my period. I'm too tired to write, so I content myself with reading and rearranging stuff. I have to decline a couple of projects given the circumstances....

Yet I am happy. The ol' lil' me would probably cry and complain. The new me? I take delight in simple things. I told this to my partner yesterday, me being happy even though the circumstances seem to conspire against me, and he said, "That's why I married you."

So, instead of wallowing in misery, I decide to count my blessings. Today I got two books that I mooched, one from Greece, the other from the States. The Stanislaski's Brothers (Nora Roberts) and The Unknown Errors of Our Lives (Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni). I really looooove BookMooch! Then, in spite of my condition, I managed to create several necklaces. I also collected some gifts that I plan to send out to my friends.

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Pandababy said...

My unstoppable friend - I'm cheering for you here! To keep on going and doing things - and even be cheerful, when life gets difficult and you're even sick - that is passing the test of life with an "A-plus".

(And I'll pray for you all to get well soon.)

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